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Data protection

1. Introduction
Welcome to our page. Nice that you are interested in privacy. We do this too. In our privacy policy, we would therefore like to inform you comprehensively about the processing of your personal data (hereinafter referred to as "data") on our website in accordance with Art. 12 and Art. 13 DS-GVO. In doing so, you will receive a detailed overview of the data we process, the purpose we are pursuing and the legal basis for doing so.

As of: 14.08.2019

2. person in charge
The responsible office for data processing is:

Distact GmbH & Co. KG • Managing Director: Ulf Grimnitz
Gewerbeallee 2 • 18107 Elmenhorst
Tel .: +49 (0) 38180113052 • Fax: +49 (0) 38180113079
E-Mail: info@distact.comImprint:

3. Data Protection Officer
We have named a data protection officer who will be happy to answer all your questions and advise you.
You can reach him simply by e-mail:

4. General Terms and Conditions
For a better understanding of the privacy policy, we would like to inform you voluntarily about the following terms and policies, which you can also read directly in the DS-GVO:

Personal data and victims
The DS-GVO regulates exclusively the handling of personal data. These are data that draw conclusions about a natural person (also: affected person). These data may only be processed if there is a legal basis for this.
Personal data on our homepage are above all your IP address.

Purpose of processing
Personal data must be processed for specific purposes. So we can only process data if we are pursuing a specific purpose. You will be informed in the privacy policy about the purpose of each processing.

Legal basis
The DS-GVO defines in Art. 6 (1) a number of legal bases under which the processing of personal data is permitted. These are:
• Consent according to Art. 6 (1) a DS-GVO
• Contract fulfillment according to Art. 6 (1) b DS-GVO
• Legal obligations according to Art. 6 (1) c DS-GVO
• Vital interests according to Art. 6 (1) d DS-GVO
• Maintaining public interest under Art. 6 (1) e DS-BER
• Legitimate interest according to Art. 6 (1) f DS-GVO

Storage duration and deletion
The data we collect serves a purpose. If this purpose has been fulfilled, we undertake to delete the personal data. Should the deletion preclude a legal obligation of retention, the data will be deleted following the fulfillment of this obligation. If a legal obligation to cancel the deletion, there is the possibility of locking records.

We work with experts with whom we have contracts for order processing. This ensures the highest level of security and availability. These are, for example, a web host that operates our website and a provider for our e-mail mailboxes.

5. Affected rights
As a visitor to our website, you have a large number of rights that are protected by the DS-GVO. We would like to enumerate these below:

Opposition to data processing (Art. 21 DS-GVO)
You may object to the data processing by us at any time.

Right to information (Article 15 of the GDPR)
You have the right to receive free information about the data we have stored about you. In addition, you will tell us where the data was stored and for what purpose it was collected.

Right to data transmission (Article 20 DS-BER)
You have the right to receive the data you have stored in a machine-readable format for the purpose of data transmission.

Right to be forgotten (Article 17 of the GDPR)
You have the right at any time to delete your data.

Right to appeal (Article 77 of the GDPR)
Should you notice a violation of the data protection laws, we would ask you to first contact our data protection officer. However, you always have the option of lodging a complaint with your Land Authority. You can view the state authorities for data protection here:

Right to rectification and blocking (Art. 16 DS-GVO and Art. 18 DS-BER)
In addition, you have the right to rectify your data, should it be incorrect, or block it in our systems should it not be reused without deleting it.

6. Data of our website
In this section we would like to inform you in detail about the processing of your data on our website. Please note that we use a webhost where server data is stored. With this we have concluded a contract for order processing.

6.1. Server log files
For the safe operation of our website we use server log files. You automatically transmit data such as your browser type or the operating system. The purpose of the survey is, in particular, to ensure the connection to our websites, to ensure system security, to identify problems in the provision of content and other administrative purposes. The legal basis thus forms our legitimate interest under Art. 6 (1) f DS-GVO. The recipient of this data is the named person responsible and the web host as our processor.

In the case of storing the data in log files, this is the case after no more than seven days. An additional storage is possible. In this case, the IP addresses of the users are deleted or alienated, so that an assignment of the calling client is no longer possible.

6.2. cookies
Our website uses cookies. These are text files that are stored by your browser on your computer. The data collected includes, but is not limited to, the IP address, browser type, operating system, internet connection, etc. We collect this information through our legitimate interest in providing you with the best functionality of our websites. The data will not be transmitted to third parties.
We use the following cookies:

First-party cookies (absolutely necessary)


Identified registered website members / functionality

6.3. contact form
You have the possibility to use a contact form on our site. By using, you agree that we store and process your data transmitted for the purpose of establishing contact. For example, it is possible for us to contact you in the sense of contract initiation or information obligation. The contact form generates an e-mail that is stored in our mailbox of our e-mail provider (processor). There we can process your request immediately. To be able to write to you, you must provide at least a correct e-mail address. The rest of the information is optional. The messages from the contact form will be deleted immediately, should your purpose be dropped.

6.4. Google webfonts
We rely on the Google WebFonts on our website. These are fonts that we integrate directly from Google. Their IP address is transmitted to the provider. We do this with the justified interest in presenting you with an optimal and up-to-date font on all devices. The fonts can be saved by the browser and do not have to be downloaded again on other websites. The provider Google guarantees in its FAQs the data exclusively for providing to the elevate.

Service Provider (Receiver)

The data can be transferred to the USA. The Privacy Shield lists companies that comply with EU data protection standards and thus allow data transmission abroad.
Privacy Shield Google:

6.5. Google Maps
As with the fonts, we use the Google Maps service provided by Google. The goal is to give you easy directions and optional navigation to our company. We do this with the legitimate interest of an optimal and low-maintenance presentation. The Google Maps service has become the industry standard. For the use of the service your IP address will be transmitted to the provider Google.

Service Provider (Receiver)

The data can be transferred to the USA. The Privacy Shield lists companies that comply with EU data protection standards and thus allow data transmission abroad.
Privacy Shield Google:

7. E-mail
When contacting us by e-mail with us, the information provided by the user to process the contact request and their processing acc. Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b. (in the context of contractual / pre-contractual relationships), Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f. (other requests) DSGVO processed. User information can be stored in a Customer Relationship Management System ("CRM System") or comparable request organization.
We delete the requests, if they are no longer required. We check the requirement every two years; Furthermore, the legal archiving obligations apply.

8. Data security
The protection of your data is important to us. Therefore, we only want to give you a little insight into our protective measures.

SSL encryption
We use SSL encryption for data transmission. As a result, the communication between the server and your browser is encrypted and the data can not be read by third parties on the communication path.

Two-level authentication
We use two-stage authentication to use another identity confirmation in addition to the passwords. So your data is safe even with password theft.

Encrypted disks
We use encrypted hard drives on the service phones and notebooks to keep your data protected in the event of theft or loss of the device. Access to your data is not possible without logging into the device.

Regular backups
We back up our files on a regular basis to protect against data loss.

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